Santa is Dead

24 Dec

Someone asked me seeing that Santa doesn’t exist, and seeing that its Christmas, is there a philosophical reason that he could exist;  hence…with apologies to Nietszche…and Hegel…this:


Zarathrustra comes down from the mountain.

Have they not heard? Do they not know? I must hurry. Men in the market – they come and go talking of the loss and profit; men asleep yet walking; men asleep yet talking; the world darkly asleep. That draught of cool mountain air has awoken me – I shall awake them. This news keeps me most feverish awake; as a fever it runs through me; as a fever I shall speak out. The market-place beckons, and around all manner of men and all manner of manners – they dress fine these men

“Listen! And be alarmed, raise up thy voices and weep, and rend thus thy clothes and rub ash in thine hair as your fathers have done and their fathers before them! I have news and it hangs heavy in my heart, but also a fierce and subtle joy I know not how or where runs through me and makes me speak – a fever of subtle and unsubtle joy. Oh men, wish that I could be silent like the wise we have known and revered; Oh, men of the market place, Listen! SANTA IS DEAD! Oh tearful Men of the Market-Place, Santa is gone!”

[he outstretches both arms]

“Santa never here, never there & never everywhere – never seen; Santa missed! the Being of Santa escapes like Void; the Being of Santa escapes all totalising Logic. Thus: Santa is not an absolute free spirit; thus: Santa is a becoming-free-spirit; The world wills into existence free spirits – this is its purpose; ”

“Oh crowd of men, your faces up-turned to me and eager, Listen! Rejoice! Take good heed! Gladden hearts! Santa will exist and is the worlds purpose”


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